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Anoto has approximately partners, primarily in Europe, the United States, and Japan. Spiral Colour spent 12 months acquiring the license in and produces Anoto Pen forms and NCR pads for a number of large and small companies and organisations including the NHS. The digital pen technology is best seen in action to appreciate how it works. Each book has a set of unique dot patterns which identifies each patient individually. Please call for details so that we can suggest the best printer for your usage profile.

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This information is stored and then sent as a PDF to your server, enabling live digital copy of your paperwork.

Dots are priter in black; other colors of ink are invisible to the pen’s IR sensor. Our Qualified and Tested Printers work with Anoto to enable quality Pattern printing for a variety of creative uses. The easy way to share ideas and encourage collaboration.

Anoto Digital Pen Print Solution | Spiral Colour

Once into the patients book and then digitally onto NHS systems. We have some more great deals if you bundle a pen with a suitable OKI colour postscript printer.

Spiral Colour spent 12 months acquiring the license in and produces Anoto Pen forms and NCR pads for a number of large and small companies and organisations including the NHS. It works by recognizing a special non-repeating dot pattern printed on the paper.


Whether one chooses to purchase a printer that has merely been tested, xnoto one that has been qualified, anoho ultimately up to the end user and what specifications best suit their needs. Find the list here. Eliminates the need for pronter or copying. Naoto both speed and quality, so select a printer with care. Views Read Edit View history. Optical scan voting systems are based on Anoto technology.

Some tested printers might be more cost-effective. The pen itself is able to do any number of tricks including PDF playback, addition of colours and whatever the Data Solution Providers are able to add into its impressive capacity.

Here is a short demo film: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

pinter Our commitment as an Anoto Print Partner means that you will get the best advice and the best solution to your project. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Anoto Digital Pen Print Solution

Anoto holds more than international patents on their technology and some additional patent applications. Case Study Case study: Often handwriting is the most convenient way of recording information. Who are responsible for many Anoto forms that we print….

For offset printing, Anoto developed an ink color called “Anoto substitute black”, a non- carbon -based black ink that is invisible in the IR region, allowing the user to include human-readable black marks with the dot pattern without interference. Current UK retail prices on these are: Anoto Qualified Printers Anoto works with printer manufacturers in qualifying printing equipment, such as standard office color laser printers, to ensure top-quality printing and printing products.


The NHS harness the versatility of the Anoto Digital Pen in many applications across maternity, mental health, palliative care and other areas within the Health Service. Tested printers are more suited for PC-centric solutions and products that may not require the same level of quality as a qualified printer can offer.

The information recorded throughout the pregnancy was inputted twice. Archived from the original PDF on 16 September Anoto penPresenter is a personal digital whiteboard. The Anoto digital pen writes like any other pen, but it has a tiny camera mounted which reads the unique dot pattern as it anotk across the paper.

The dot pattern can be printed on a professional offset printing press or on a laser printer. The dot pattern printed can be unique to each page and user, giving security to individual paperwork previously at risk of human error.

Creating digital paper is computationally intensive.