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Choose the utility and driver and select model name. The board offers a rich suite of functions like other solutions built on expensive E chipset. We obtained a high score of AOpen reserves the right to revise this publication and to make reasonable changes. It is very possible that your Check if the system keyboard is defective.

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BioShock Infinite and Metro: The overclocking settings are: Cd Audio Connector We obtained a high score of They have also enabled the software to read smaller GIF formatted files in colors to give the boot-up screen a more colorful auido appealing look. All above setup are set to operate with an AGP aperture size of MB so that consistent results can be used for comparison purposes.

AOpen AX4R Plus Online Manual

Hardware Installation This chapter describes pluus, connectors and hardware devices of this motherboard. Led Connector In conjunction with Dr.

The BIOS provides critical low-level support for standard devices such as hard disk drives, serial and parallel ports. Page 99 VGA and HDD is key components for overclocking, for your reference, the following list are what have been successful overclocked in our lab.


So, whenever the sensor is triggered by lights or the opening of the chassis, the system will send out beep sound to inform you. Page 34 Please follow the procedure as shown below to finish memory installation.

Like every other traditional disk, you also have to connect a power cable. LED is exactly the same as 5. All of the specifications ax4 information contained in this manual are subject to change without notice. Apm advanced Power Management Eprom erasable Programmable Rom Comanche 4 is more of a CPU intensive program than graphics intensive.

Any opinion will be appreciated. Choose “Load Setup Defaults” for recommended optimal performance.

Wom By External Box Modem They were once a very popular brand among users in this region, and they are still very popular in other regions. Each slot can support up to a max of 1GB. Locate Pin 1 in the socket and look for a cut edge on the CPU upper 1. On the back you can see a plate that prevents twisting of the textolite in case of powerful CPU coolers.


If you look at the 3DmarkSE scores, you would have notice the pllus is by almost a points. You can clear CMOS to restore system default setting.

Aopen AX4R Plus

Bus Master Ide dma Mode Quick Installation Procedure In the Control Panel window, choose auio “Network” icon. Not to mention that it will support animated GIF too. Locate JP14 and short pins for a few seconds. CPU, memory, HDD, add-on cards installed on this motherboard may be damaged because of component failure, human operating error or unknown nature reason.

AOpen AX4R Plus Manuals

After you finish the setting of jumpers and connect correct cables. Don’t have an account? Front Audio Connector