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The only normal looking trace up there is the one labeled ‘reboot’, which I got after a warm reboot of the system. Having started up the Quake3 in uniprocessor mode, we can see that everything works almost on one processor, and the second one can be used for other things. There were no claims for reliability. But after repeating the test a few times I noticed fairly wide variations in the results. After that we adjusted memory and CPU frequencies. And in case of usage of the external netcard and WOL connector on the board everything awakes excellently.

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With the following raise of the frequency the system hung in the Quake3 20 minutes later.

You can enable a “fan off” mode when the system is in the “sleep” mode. The next thing I wanted to test was overclock stability, for which I used the newest version of 3D Mark version 1. Still, MHz on the front side bus is very respectable.

ASUS CUV4X, Socket 370, Intel Motherboard

For ASUS it’s undoubtedly weak result. However, in fact the PIO mode was enabled.

Internet Content Creation Bryce 4 A CPU terminator is mounted into the second socket. Lack of Celeron-2 performance variability: The initial setup included: The first thing I checked was if the system resources were declining.


ASUS CUV4X-E, Socket 370, Intel Motherboard

The controller may be switched off with a jumper on the board. I timed the interval between power-on and POST initiation, and this came out to be 19 seconds for a cold boot, and 15 seconds for a warm boot. The ATX power supply connector is located near the upper edge of the board and it can be difficult to reach in some cases.

Overclocking with the Celeron-2 was rather disappointing. It’s a serious claim for the market of high-efficient PCs, work stations and entry-level servers.

CUV4X-E – ASUS Motherboards Mainboards Drivers Manuals BIOS

Testing The test system configuration: Video 3Digests Video cards: Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. By simply repeating the Norton benchmark over and over, I got wide variations from one test to another.

There are 4 connectors for fans but only three are controlled. The most overclockable Pentium IIIs are the E and E models, which often will run at MHz on the front side bus, motherboars the motherboard and memory can handle it too.

How much of a speed boost do you get at to MHz?


A LED located in the below part of the board serves an indicator of voltage supply on the board. The board includes only 5 PCI slots that’s why the lowest slot mptherboard be used for the bracket for two additional USB ports.

ASUS CUV4X – motherboard – ATX – Socket – ProA Overview – CNET

There is no possibility for connection of one more thermistor. All-in-all, the CUV4X is a very nice board. The Y axis is exaggerated again. I canceled motherboqrd benchmark, went to Windows, and ran the Norton benchmark. You will also notice the dip in the dark blue line at the 4th test above.

With the Celeron-2, the benchmark numbers were very stable, and almost no variation was seen. With a little more work, Asus could make it a great board.

Besides, this utility allows to set different UltraATA modes for the devices. The next step was to try MHz on the front side bus. I then overclocked the E chip to MHz, ,otherboard a core voltage of 1.