First of all, completely uninstall any other drivers you may have tried for your card. Have you installed a driver for your Atheros card before? Also, I will try the new kernel. IRQ not less or equal to.. I was frustrated and had my children bugging me after so many hours cant blame them.. I never knew, or never appreciated I guess.

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This file describes the network interfaces available on your system and how to activate them. Windows would start allright, and it would connect to the wireless network, but if I was very lucky, I would be able to view just two or three web pages, after which the system would completely lock up: Your name or email address: I saw a message one time from the terminal saying I should unblacklist this.

I had similiar problem with a router in which mine would only work if it was the only device connected to the WiFi.

Don’t you see any devices with the yellow exclamation mark next to them? If anything else was connected then DHCP didn’t work for me.

Atheros – WikiDevi

My choice was to replace the WiFi card or wait for a bug fix for his router. Anyway – Yesterday, when taking a fresh look at the issue, Atheroos somehow found myself directed to an AirLink Technical Support Page for a possible solution. That’s another important clue.

Join the community hereit only takes a minute. The procedure is not as simple as it should be because Trisquel’s GRUB has a randomly generated password but it is not hard either.


By now, I have tried numerous drivers that all claimed to support the AR chipset under Windows XP, but they all had the same problems; with some of them, the lockups would stay away a little longer, and I could even do a small qtheros, but eventually, they would all cause the system to lock up. In my case, there’s no point in trying to go beyond the standard Mbps aatheros speed, since I’m running a mixed-vendor configuration: Checking Emails and Skype were both working most of the time with the original TP-Link drivers, but surfing the web and in particular starting any download would freeze the system completely.

Atheros 802.11a/bg PCI/PCI-E devices (ath5k)

I know how to do the device manager thing, however, when im in device manager, i dont see the card. Ae5212 it will be faster than the Etekcity USB?

Mind you like most companies they are far from perfect and I’d still advise avoiding many of the companies products although in many cases I’d still advise there products over others because the others don’t provide any free software support. Windows xp doesnt seem to work with linksys wireless g pcmcia network card Sep 3, I tend to agree with them for the most part.

Even the older IBM laptops had digital restrictions so you might not be able to swap it for another easily or possibly at all. Could this be it, the ?

Can’t get Qualcomm Atheros AR5212 802.11abg NIC to work

No more mousing around, no af5213 keyboarding, no more nothing – the only option would be to hit the RESET button. The best part is the thing is so small it hardly matters, no cords, antennas and so on.


I am a member!

Look for my order shortly for one of those USB Wifi nubs. It was a worthwhile learning experience though. I experienced the same exact ad5213 problem that Luvr documented so well in his original post. I’m wondering if it would be worth the bother to try again? It was definitely an issue with the driver, because the card worked flawlessly in Linux with MadWifi drivers. Lines beginning with ” ” are ignored.

[SOLVED] Atheros AR/AR wireless does not work

Did you swap the wireless card out for another or was this the original? Ethernet connected speeds on the X60s seem very fast but I haven’t qr5213 them, think I’ll do that. Unplugged everything except the cable modem and rebooted.

I looked at the usual online sources for confirmation that my hardware and drivers would work, and on paper as they say, there is no issue with my setup. Even so, a working, Mbps connection is infinitely better than a consistently crashing Mbps one! Not sure of the extent of the mess I made in changing files, bumbling around, and adding and removing programs, I re-installed Trisquel fresh.