Whatever failed in the stick, it is now drawing about mA! Typically, flash drives support large amounts of data, but are, at the time of publication, still in their technological infancy and have yet to be proven as a reliable long-term data storage solution. In the pop-up box, click the Start button, followed by OK. Click New Simple Volume…. Error-checking Windows may be able to detect the error with your USB stick. Storage Capacity Depending on the method used to format the drive, an Ativa flash drive can offer less than its billed memory due to how the method compresses memory. This time when I plugged it in, the PC did not detect it.

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Why you shouldn’t ditch that broken USB memory stick just yet

Rather than just pulling the drive out when you are finished using it, dismount the device from your computer by ejecting it through the file menu on your computer.

Click New Simple Volume…. Flash memory drives, like the Ativa line of USB flash drives, are atova sensitive pieces of equipment that malfunction for an assortment of reasons that can render them inoperable or unusable.

PC metal case before inserting or removing a USB stick or memory card. See if a different computer recognises your stick. I took out the stick and struck the ignitor button a few more times along the length of the ,emory stick. A pop-up box will appear. Always worth sharing stuff like this though as it might help someone out.


When the drive is inserted, the computer produces a prompt instructing the user to conduct a search for the drivers associated with the flash drive.

After a few seconds, I unplugged it and noticed it ativva rather warm. My workplace recently purchased several Ativa 8GB USB sticks from its office supplies agent and a colleague transferred some content to one to take for travelling. So I asked if there were any other of these sticks and he had two more still in their clamshell packaging. They must have pretty poor standards unless this is just a faulty batch. Go to the Tools tab and under error-checking click Check now… A pop-up box will appear.

The following is a picture I took of one: I had an SD unexpectedly fail a few years ago also where it worked fine before unplugging it the final time. Guides and advice Problems with Microsoft’s latest OS? About the Author Lou Martin has been writing professionally since It might seem obvious, but the first thing to try is inserting the stick into another USB port on your PC. For instance, an 8GB flash drive that is formatted using the FAT32 formatting method will actually only provide memort with about 4GB of memory.

Ativa USB Stick Lite 32 GB | eBay

So I placed the USB stick in-between its two metal contacts. Ensure both boxes are ticked and click the Start button. Don’t lose your stuff – How to back kemory your smartphone and tablet].


Select it and click the Properties button below. Once a document is stored in the cloud you can access it from any device — including a phone, computer or tablet using the BT Cloud app. Have a go at these solutions below before giving up on it for good.

While doing some cleaning at work, I came across this old dodgy Ativa flash mwmory and decided to try an experiment. Read more in our article: Do you need to update the driver? Tell the boss to buy them from Amazon next time.

If it does, it could mean your main machine needs to download a new driver. In worst-case scenarios, this can mean losing everything you had stored. If the formatting went ahead successfully, a new pop-up message will appear saying: Brought to you by Techwalla. The spark went in one part and out another part.

Anyway, we complained and got them to send out another brand in this case SanDisk and this looks more promising: