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Select paper type according to the table as below: In the following cases, the media needs to be verified before the print: Please refer to 2. When loading the paper, please put the label mount through the peel-off module according to the process as below: Then the print job stops, the host fails to communicate with the printer.

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SNBC BTPE BPLE Printer Drivers – Download Device Drivers – –

User can execute the installation depending on the current port. If it is normal the Printer can continue to work, otherwise please replace the THP test page is referred to Appendix 1 Print darkness is too high Operation environment temperature is too high, the Bpt-2200e is overheated.

Then the print job stops, the host fails to communicate with the printer. Figure G shows the tear-off position upwards, which should be adjusted in negative direction; Figure H shows the tear-off position downwards, which should be jsb in positive direction; 4 Routine maintenance of the printer Follow the steps as below to clean the THP, platen and sensor monthly.

Paper type in the driver Continuous paper Black mark paper Actual paper type Continuous strip paper Non-continuous marked paper Non-continuous Perforated paper Non-continuous edge-gap paper Non-continuous label paper Table 2. If any part is short or damaged, please contact with our distributor or manufacturer.

This will help to keep the THP durable. Beiyanng normal print, follow the pressure level of factory default settings, normally at level 2 or 3.

BTP-2200E Barcode printer,Direct thermal, 203dpi,Free shipping

If it is the marked paper, please put black mark downwards; The front end of paper roll should be in the middle of the platen as possible as it can. In case beiyanv this happens, turn off the power immediately. When turning the knob in clockwise, the THP pressure increases along with level number.


Adjust the printout in vertical direction with 1 dot as a motion unit.

If the print finishes just now, please wait for the THP cool down completely; 3 4 Clean away dusts or dirt on the THP with alcohol tampon should twisted ; Wait for 5 to 10 minutes until alcohol volatilizes completely, then press down ribbon holder and close top cover.

No part of this document beeiyang be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose without the express written permission of SNBC. It can apply to real-time label printing, label batch printing, transport and commercial label printing, other receipt printing for railway, airport, bus station, etc. To select thermal transfer mode, you need to mount ribbon; To select thermal mode, no need to mount ribbon; In normal condition, ribbon width should be bigger than the paper width; During veiyang mount, the ribbon should not be cockled or damaged.

Self-test page sees appendix 1 ; 2 3 The configuration describes the current settings of the printer.

It shall enter pause status after success. Please do not change them. Paper Feed after entering the simple mode. Please refer to 2. Check the THP test page is Normal until its temperature is down. When the printer identifies that Auto checkout is needed, the printer shall feed two or three labels for checkout.

It is the first time to mount and use beitang printer; The printer is used again after a long idle time; Replace new type of paper roll; First time to use it after cleaning the sensor; Fails to identify marks in effect during the print; Operation environment of the printer is changed greatly.


Different compounding of the three LEDs means different setting. User can also choose USB interface to replace Parallel interface.

Only when the printer checkout is correct, it can work normally. Serial interface and Parallel interface are standard interfaces of printer, RS interface is standard Serial interface, Centronics parallel interface accords with IEEE If users need the further data about these products, please feel free ub contact our market department or your local distributor.

Safety instruction Before installing and using the printer, please read the following items carefully.

When data is transmitted, the host should not ignore Busy signal, otherwise it could cause the print data lost; Parallel interface signal uses TTL level.

The figure above takes the marked paper as an example to show the print and paper out position; Non-continuous paper is positioned based on the front edge of marks; The position adjustment of the print and paper out refer to Figure 3. The steps for cleaning the THP are as below: Clean the platen as the steps mentioned below: The installation method of the driver: NPort User Manual A Transmission sensor 1 2 3 4 Turn off the printer and open top cover; Lift up the print mechanism and press on the latch to open the paper-pressing module; Clean away dusts or dirt on the transmission sensor with alcohol tampon should twisted ; Wait for 5 to 10 minutes until alcohol volatilizes completely, then press down ribbon holder and close top cover.