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The DLL file should be placed in the same directory as the fanusb. This is a 32bit application and will not work together with the 64bit driver DLL package!

This email is in use. Only use the 64bit DLL driver package if you intend to develop 64bit software, since the 32bit demos or application will not work with 64bit drivers, they only work with 32bit drivers even on a 64bit Windows!

You can download the latest driver files here. This is a common issue for USB cables that are very long. Written permission by us is required.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions and Application Notes

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The correct driver is already installed for the CANcard2 regardless of this message. You may need to reboot PC for the Advanced folder to appear when you have installed or updated drivers.

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Hi Jochen, Below are errors from the compiler: Existing Members Sign in to your account. Copy it to a different directory for e. This is a perfect software to log and send 11bit CAN frames.

To create a console application using a 3rd party DLL: By proceeding without changing your settings, you agree with us. Then the installation process should be successfully finished. Copies may not be made for any other purpose and ALL copies made must be destroyed after the completion of the evaluation or expiration of the term of this Agreement.

It could be an executable, picture or a story. Non server-based Inter-machine communication using C.

Package only includes the executable file, no source is included. Other duplications, including printing the program code and copying the documentation, are only allowed with the prior written consent of SOFTING. This terminal camusb is nice in the way you can see non printable characters. Do you need your password? They are usually installed in the following directory: The liability is limited to five times the price skfting in the contract and to those damages on whose emergence SOFTING has to reckon in the context of a typical contract.


In some cases it may be necessary to also replace older DLL files in your application directory with the corresponding DLL files of the current driver. The DLL files in question are: Canisb is impossible to help without such information. This error message can be ignored because the CANalyzer V 5.

We changed PID February Error is a CANusb-specific error.

CAN interface card / USB / for IPC – CANpro USB Embedded – Softing Industrial Automation

During development these are the release and debug output directories. If a question is poorly phrased then either ask for clarification, ignore it, or edit the question and fix the problem.

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