According to VIA Technologies there are differences between the models but it takes a careful eye to spot them and all are not easily found or available. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. The second tab controls the analog line-in recording. Screw it, I’m fed up. Very good card for the price.

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Also bundled in with everything else is a full set of bright orange rounded cables. Originally posted by HiFire: So, I picked one up, played around with it for a week, and this review is what I thought of it as a whole. The AV configuration is not unique.

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Technically this is 4MHz higher than is should be, but chaintedh a dramatic increase. Chaintecj enhanced playback the VIA Envy24HT enables hardware downmixing that allows customers to experience the complete surround sound experience whether using four, or even two speakers. If you don’t feel like paying the Steinberg tax then fine, but cchaintech no excuse for hiding your core features from DirectSound.

There is support for Sensaura Audio3D for DirectSound3D so gamers will have to settle for software driven game audio for the rest. The second tab controls the analog line-in recording. Are you looking for a quality sound experience at a great price?


First off, I dont believe this is a motherboard issue, I believe it’s a sound card issue. We do our best to update store pricing and inventory amounts as they change.

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What makes Chaintech so distinguished? Supplied by Chaintech Price: In the “audio deck” found in the system tray that gets installed with the envy24 drivers, you can configure up to 8 channel sound.

If shipping cchaintech product it is highly recommended that you ask the retailer to open the box and pad the inside with styrofoam peanuts or rolled up paper as the card came to us freely rattling about the inside of the box. Phones by Jessica Dolcourt Dec 5, Do yourself a favor and get yourself a creative card. View our privacy policy. The Envy 24 family drivers from Via Arena chainrech just fine and dandy.

Caribbean via North Carolina Registered: Thank you for signing up! With chaintexh input and output channels for analog and digital connections, the VIA Envy24 can meet the most demanding playback and recording requirements. Does anyone know if there are any compatibility issues with this card and my motherboard?


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A well rounded motherboard! Go to the Chaintech website and download the latest AV drivers currently 1.

The first controls the number of speakers; two, four, six or eight and the individual volume of each. Cannot speak as to driver quality, but one could try out the Audiotrak Maya 5. The new VIA Envy24PT hardware sound card deals with a lot of these issues, and in fact they one of the first on the market to introduce a sound card that supports 7.

Apparently Chaintech’s web site is down for the moment, so I looked at some reviews. Sat Apr 16, Lastly because the Envy24PT is a hardware based solution, it drains very little CPU resources from the processor which should mean better overall performance for gamers everywhere. It’s all I’d ask of a card, beyond actually working. Not redeemable for cash.

The speaker setup utility is so easy to use. Jul 2, Posts: