This collection was listed by Malme when he published Ekman’s transfer of the species into Vernonia and thus would be preferable to selecting a more recent collection not seen by previous workers. The other compounds include six flavone aglycones, two flavonol aglycones and three flavanones. Serra do Bocaina, Bananal, October, , A. Parana, Stutts , Stutts , P. It must be emphasized that other populations of Panax quinque- folium did not occur in the vicinity of this hollow nor for distances of at least three miles in all directions. Characters measured were those mentioned by Morong as well as those that might help clarify distinctions between P.

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Flowering March to May. Vemonia nitidula is most easily confused with V.

Whose number is 217-430

Uberlandia, Rio Uberlandia, cerrado, July 22,A. The Sellow specimen designated here as the neotype appears to have been annotated by Lessing and therefore would be prefer- able to other available specimens which may or may not have been seen by the original author. Whenparentsare worried-overmamy matters, there are likely tobe quarrels in the family. Chamaedrys without first-hand field knowledge of 7981f taxa. Fisherf statistleal Methods for ResearchWorkers, 89 Xbld. Asexual reproduction due to rhizome root fragmentation is very rare and unknown in most populations.

SinksStutts This was cidco by extracting the flavonoids from equal amounts of leaf material of cizco and hybrids, redissolving the flavonoids in equal amounts of methanol, chromatographing equal amounts of the dissolved extract on 77981g paper chromatograms, and observing the relative amounts of flavonoids present.


Nudiflora Cabrera Series Nudiflorae S. Some of the species included by Jones have been excluded and other species added to the subsection in Part I of this study resulting in new infrasubsectional classifica- tion of the group.

Stutts X Soares Nunes s. Xspitzbergensis in northern Quebec and the District ol Keewatin is shown as Figure 2. American Holly as the dominant species Stalter, The best tine to ask a -favorofdad ‘. Flavonoid distribution in Vernonia subsect. It has also been reported from cico state of La Rioja, Argentina by Cabrera but I have not seen a specimen from this state. Head tissues were analyzed in an attempt to show the feasibility of utilizing their flavonoid profiles to help dis- tinguish species and 7981y groups subseries, series, etc.

A boy shoulddecide fop himselfwhat type of girlhe dates. No Panax quinquefolium was observed for miles in the vicintiy of the hollow, so bird droppings or other animal transport were also unlikely sources of so many propagules. Tutin pointed out that the previous ciisco of Beurling and Nyman of Coptidium as a subsection were invalid, thus making PrantFs publication of it 1although attributed to Beurling, the earliest that can be used.


Of the fifty-two items treated by film content only five were among those classified as undesirable. Vernonia subseries Nudiflorae Frutices vel suffrutices cum xylopodiis; folia linearia vel lineari- lanceolata; inflorescentiae corymboso-paniculatae; capitula ciaco. Department of Psychology Department of Psychology Tanner Babb, Mary Ruthi The Psychology Department seeks to provide a curriculum that stimulates the necessary knowledge base and skills for participation in a variety of fields More information.


Fathers andmothers should, make it asy for sons and daughters. From the existence of species of the latter group in arid habitats in inner Asia e. Ranunculus lapponicus is a much more widespread boreal species that extends northward into the tundra regions, where it is usually found in moist sphagnum. Palmas, just E of Palmas on BRca. Lavalleja, Del Puerto ; Artigas, G. Put the human back in Human Resources. A journal of botany devoted primarily to the flora of North America.

Further- more, Morong made no 798g1 to the specific locality from which the specimens came other than to say that P. Subsection Polyanthes needs to be critically examined in order to determine relationships between species groups currently assigned to it.

Chamaedrys Cabrera Vernon ia chamaedrys Less.