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It allows the handheld to store a tremendous amount of information and applications. The commonly accessed buttons are placed on the front of the device, at the bottom for easy access. The pixels aren’t perfectly black, more of a very dark grey, but the experience is excellent. While it’s a good deal thicker than the T, it’s at least a half inch shorter. Unauthorized reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited. Conclusion The SJ20 offers a very good monochrome screen and great battery life.

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Sony PEG-SJ20

Sorry, it would take me 5 or 10 minutes of fiddling to put this picture online and, in the end, you’d have a picture of a black rectangle with Clie written on it. I recommend ssj20 the stick as one can store books, dictionary, which make this device try useful.

While not a fan of the screen it does what it does well. Overall I like it better than my Palm OS devices.

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie SJ20

Our support team is solely email-based and they respond to each email within 1 business day. The plastic bezel around the face wastes no space, neither top, bottom, nor sides.

Also, the backlight appears to be the major user of power on the SJ Mobile Accessories by Jason Cipriani 4 days ago. They must have read all of the reviews complaining about this. The stylus is the Sony standard one, which I’m not fond of.

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Like I said, I think the SJ20’s screen is just too dim to use without the backlight zj20 I couldn’t take using it for a long time without ever turning the backlight on. Photographs of the SJ20 actually look a little odd because we’re so used to seeing a taller profile. The SJ20 doesn’t come with a cradle; instead it has a cable that is plugged into the wall for power and another that hooks to the USB port of a desktop to HotSync. Is access to the Memory Stick limited to reading programs e.

Turns out USB ports don’t provide very much power and trying to recharge a handheld through one is a slow process. Tablets by Rick Broida 10 days ago. Everything worked as expected, although it seemed a tad slower than other recent Sony models due to the screen refresh delay.

I applaud Sony for including this on even zj20 entry-level models. The one that is most frustrating to me is AvantGo. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. How many seconds to write a file of for instance 1 MB?

Sony PEG-SJ20 | eBay

Anyone else xj20 on Palm??!? The SJ20’s stylus is black and silver to match the handheld’s casing. PalmInfocenter is not responsible for them in any way. It allows the handheld to store a tremendous amount of information and applications. You can’t get a good idea of the battery life of a handheld by just keeping it on continuously until the battery runs dry.


One feature that doesn’t appear improved from the T is the relatively slow refresh. Some operations were extremely slow. This doesn’t cripple the handheld or anything but doing backups takes a while.

It’s bw screen is better suited for use with text, dictionary and calculator. I’m waiting for Sony to come out with something like that: Combined with the Memory Stick slot, the SJ20 owners will able to store even very large files and applications. This means the item has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to full working order and is in excellent condition. This includes the LED indicator so that you can see it when charging with the flip lid on.

Google’s pricey vision of a tablet-meets-Chromebook doesn’t quite gel. I have both and the SJ is has a much better display. The plastic bezel around the face wastes no space, neither top, bottom, nor sides.