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As a test, I copied a 2. The D as it appears on the device manager. Once in a while I couldn’t get it to reconnect without a reboot. With a timer on both mirrored screens and a camera set to a fast shutter speed, we were able to capture a delay of about 30 ms between the local display and the external. As Analyst for printers, scanners, and projectors, Tony Hoffman tests and reviews these products and provides news coverage for these categories. Get Our Best Stories! After graduating with a B.

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After graduating with a B. The four face surfaces are glossy and quite the fingerprint magnet.

v5000 It’s the first laptop dock to support WiGig, a standard for high-speed data transmission over short distances. When you buy the u along with the dock, the software is already installed, and the laptop should automatically connect with the dock. The WiGig protocol aka I had to make sure that the front of the dock was facing at me, and that the laptop itself was facing the dock.

As Dell has assured us that some of its future laptops will be compatible with the dock, and because WiGig technology has a lot of potential, we decided to review the dock separately. The D can dockk to a wired network through its Ethernet port and pass the networking connection to the laptop. The 30 ms latency between the notebook left and external right is standard amongst docking stations. Get Our Best Stories! If you bring the laptop back into range, it usually reconnects automatically, but it could take some time to do so.


When the u was connected directly to the server, Jperf recorded a steady mbps transfer rate over a 20 second period. There is a lot to like about the WiGig dock at first glance. Utilizing the special With a timer on both mirrored screens and a camera set to a fast shutter speed, we were able to capture a delay of about 30 ms between doock local display and the external. When the cable was connected directly to the laptop, the transfer averaged 32 seconds. More important, it’s a useful accessory for the Dell Latitude u, particularly for users who need extra USB 3.

The system maintains maximum throughput even when a few meters away. When I positioned myself between the dock and laptop, I lost the connection even though I was only six feet away. Cons Only currently compatible with the Dell Latitude u.

The dock’s connectivity speeds, particularly for USB devices, is still behind a dedicated cable connection and some of the infrequent bugs we ran into during testing, such as a frozen or constantly wirelsss screen, will hopefully be fixed. In fact, the connection is so sensitive that the manufacturer recommends placing the dock behind the notebook and facing towards the outer lid. You must be facing the dock to maintain a strong connection.

Review Dell Wireless Dock D – Reviews

This also qireless a much lower active distance and a line-of-sight requirementwhich Dell claims to be a maximum of 10 meters between the notebook and dock. According to Dell, the range of the dock is up to 10 meters The technology itself is promising and the D will likely improve with future firmware and driver updates.


These results were then compared to the native ports onboard the Latitude u test model.

The popular Jperf tool was used to test throughput via a mbps network. On the other hand, we had better luck connecting mice and keyboards to the dock.

If you want the dock, though, be sure to get it when you buy the laptop. When connected via the D dock 5 m away, connection dropped again slightly and with more jitter. As a test, I copied a 2. When Sireless not managing day-to-day activities and US review articles on Notebookcheck, you can catch me following the eSports scene and the latest gaming news.

Review Dell Wireless Dock D5000

Connection, however, was just as reliable nonetheless. As of now, though, the u is the only laptop the dock supports, and you’re best off getting the dock at the time you buy the laptop, as retrofitting the u with the WiGig card may be a tricky proposition. Streaming p YouTube content whilst running CDM resulted in slightly lower read rates, though not by much to be considered significant or noticeable.