SCSI and RAID Devices


Version-Release number of selected component if applicable: If you choose a language written with a character set that is not supported in text mode, the installation program will present you with the English versions of the screens. Screenshots during installation 9. Comment 5 Adam Williamson Anaconda should be able to detect your hardware automatically and use the appropriate driver without your intervention. However, this will be concealed for many chipsets because ‘nomodeset’ will force vesa to be used, since the native driver will refuse to work without KMS.

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Comment 9 Chris Lumens If you have 4GB or more memory installed, but Fedora only shows around 3.

Or perhaps it’s broken? When you are finished, reboot the computer.

When I finally did get things running, I had further issues setting a static IP address: The sections below explain xdrivdr files are generated, what their contents are, and how to transfer them from the installation system. Specify the display resolution manually If the installation program fails to detect your screen resolution, you can override the automatic detection and specify it manually.


Chapter 9. Using the Fedora installer

The log files from the installation are now saved on the USB flash drive. Then, open a command line and execute the free -m command again. Fedora 10 released Posted Nov 28, Comment 7 Xdrver Williamson Unless a dialog box is waiting for your xdiver, do not press any keys during the installation process doing so may result in unpredictable behavior.

Then submit a patch. Using the Keyboard to Navigate 9.

Storage and partitioning 9. Important — Graphical installation recommended. Fedora will not use the graphical boot sequence any more.

If Anaconda detects a graphics card, it will attempt to use it for a display, even if no display is connected. Set the Root Password 9. Commenting on a piece of code?

Trouble Beginning the Installation

After you free up some disk space, start X using the startx command. Fedora 10 released Posted Nov 26, 0: Note, however, that this is just a one-time fix sdriver does not change the log in process for future log ins. Opening a discussion about something already explained elsewhere, or asking a common question dxriver has been answered many times before, is not likely to result in a friendly, constructive response.


The Configuration Menu and Progress Screen 9. Use Taband Shift – Tab to cycle forward or backward through each widget on the screen.

However, this will be concealed for many chipsets because ‘nomodeset’ will force vesa to be used, since the native driver will refuse to work without KMS. For example, the linux ip option can be used to configure network settings. If that still fails, the installation program attempts to run in text fedoda.

Scripting must be enabled to use this site.

Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. Wait for the system to boot and log in. Xdrkver specifying a custom video driver solves your problem, you should report it as a bug at https: Our only choices are to document and release, or slip.

To verify that this is the problem you are experiencing, execute the following command:. Comment 5 Adam Williamson