Hey venemo, yes this does sound similar to my issue minus the black screen — most of the time it just shudders a bit then freezes and laptop function keys respond but nothing else. Hopefully this does the trick. I am now testing the latest drm-tip against the Fedora Rawhide 4. For Fedora users I am providing the direct paths here, which may change so double check the parent location. At first it looked like it would fix it… after six minutes Ubuntu crashed again.

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July 22, at 4: Using Kernel Mode Setting driver: Below is how I previously tested the latest 4.

In the meantime if you could also comment here with your findings this might help: Comment 2 Justin W. I’m doing a fresh feeora of Fedora specifically for this driver. See the updated post, I had to comment out some lines in the Makefile because I got asm-goto errors:.

OS is unable to load the i driver automatically on startup and performance on computer is drastically reduced fedoa its full capabilities Expected results: I have a intel skylake cpu and I read this article in Phoronix http: Basically the screen turns blank and the laptop stops reacting to any input — does this sound familiar?


With regards to the Intel X11 driver: In the meantime, you just gotta compile that drm-tip linux kernel and configure all the modules for your devices and stuff, look it up.

Psensor installation fails Fedora I am now testing the latest drm-tip against the Fedora Rawhide 4. On-board intel chipset FWIW on a Gigabyte B85M-DH-A with a monitor attached Nvidia Titan-X graphics card with no 9i15 intended for GPGPU processing only The main stumbling block is that the Nvidia installation I think modified the kernel parameters so that the Nvidia driver was happy – but that prevents the intel driver from enabling modesettingwhich X11 requires to be enabled for the X-server to boot cleanly.

There is one difference: No logs fwdora it apparently.

Intel i firmwares – devel – Fedora Mailing-Lists

Just trying to correlate what other people are experiencing at work. Just updated to 4.

For giggles I tested trying to trigger this in the BIOS and was able to get screen artifacts by jerking the laptop around and also by squeezing a normal amount the palm rest area of the laptop. Install the Development 4. Hopefully this does the trick.


I came across your post when dealing with a similar issue. Check out the FAQ! No network, no ping, nothing.

Exactly as described here. Press Ctrl-X to continue booting with the new parameter.

intel – enable ipreliminary_hw_support=1 in fedora – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

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