The flash range on the PowerShot A95 is just a little better. I made three trips to the photo spot with the E and got bad results each time. While most digicam lenses especially on cheaper cameras start at 35, 37, or even 39 mm, the one on the E and E starts at 28 mm — making it great for wide-angle interior shots. Shooting with the E is frustrating in low light, as you can’t see a thing on the LCD and the camera has great difficulty focusing it needs an AF-assist lamp. As always, I recommend a trip down to your local reseller to try out the FinePix E and it’s competitors before you buy! Even with a pop-up flash, the fact that the lens and flash are in close proximity tends to make this annoyance worse.

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Find out in our review! Computational photography remakes phone photos, while Canon and Nikon embrace the camera design of the future. Model Fujifilm FinePix E – digital camera It’s complete, but finding what you’re looking for may be difficult. White Balance White Balance.


Inside the box, you’ll find:. Color was always very good and exposure was accurate most of the time.

Fujifilm FinePix E510 Zoom

The E has one of those design decisions that makes you say “huh? There is a bit of purple fringing but nothing horrible. Those most interesting ones are the lens accessories. Here’s a look at the menu now, with the manual mode-only options in bold:. September 1, Last Updated: All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Overall, the E’s image quality is good, though not without it’s flaws. Despite not having a custom white balance feature, the E fjjifilm a good job taking a macro picture of our famous subject under my W quartz lamps. Even with the differing version numbers, the software acts about the same on each platform.

The E-series cameras use two AA batteries for power. Next to the Photo Mode fijifilm is the four-way controller. The Fujifilm Finepix E is also larger than many digicams, which Fujifilm claims makes it more of a photographer’s camera.

Fuji includes fjifilm FinePixViewer software with the E Along with those batteries you’ll want to buy a fast charger as well, so factor all of this into the cost of the camera. Page 5 Ease of Use.


FujiFilm Digital Camera E User Guide |

Optical Sensor Sensor Resolution. The batteries and xD card are kept behind a fairly sturdy plastic door. Expect to clean up some redeye in software if you buy this camera. Build quality on the E is about average. It takes a little about three seconds for the E to extend its lens and “warm up” before you can start taking pictures. Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman Nov 19, The lens, which starts at 28mm, is great for indoor shots.

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The E allows you to attach conversion lenses, as I mentioned before. For larger prints, on-screen viewing, or for perfectionists, the issues raised here may bother you. Fujifiom E doesn’t show you any exposure information about your photos, which is a shame because the E does.

So does the Finepix E appeal to the photographer in me?