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I described the problem to their support site and it was like they weren’t listening to me at all. Feel free to add your comments. The above is now one 1 year old!!!!! Posted November 23, My eye TV worked fine before the upgrade and this was not even considered before I was told that my eye tv was shot and they then offered me a twenty percent discount on a product that wasn’t available to me. This is too primitive and my only reason to also use EyeTV.

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Just too complicated for Geniatech. And if you only need it running on a Mac then it is even Free. All that they did basically was tell me that I needed a new one. At a friend’s house I set up a network system with and old Nestream DTT product and they love it, but there are many channels that are HD and those don’t work. Just give it a try.

Posted January 23, edited. Yes – come on Geniatech!

Selling a product 4 decoders that does NOT function as sold. Ton replied to tonust’s topic in Discussions. Do not use any option to convert from within EyeTV! It cost about the same as the old 2-decoder device which is not even for sale anymore because there is no market for it.


Both have 4 decoders so people expect that EyeTV specifically mentioned as The Software will be able to use all 4 decoders. Posted November 26, EyeTV software and hardware!

Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 quad-core

Due to family circumstances it may be possible that I will not be present. Posted February 9, Why, it is technically identical to the old one. I loved my eye tv but when I needed help there were long delays in getting information from their support site.

Edit and fine tune clippings Ton replied to Dalle’s topic in Discussions.

They are all able to be used by EyeTV. Posted January 23, Z Nick NinjaKai thomaskud Vanessa but where are the technicians i. My over two weed back and forth with them was a complete waste of time.

Mystery Schedules How can I remove?

Open letter to Geniatech – Discussions – EYE TV Support Forum

I sent this to Geniatech. Genitech is just as bad if not worse in the customer support as Elgato was. And more, more, more questions. The fact that these do not work with Netstream but all do work with standard IP tuners is the fact that Netstream uses a proprietary protocol.


Whereas selling possibilities of a EyeTV 3 4 even better are very large since of the 3 it is the most comfortable software. Only their scheduling sucks.

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Sign up for a new account in our community. The fact that the IOS apps mean that Mac has to be running is not important. So I once again challenge you to make this into a useful competitive product. Also I like to stipulate a small but important fact. Geniwtech website uses cookies to enable certain functions and to improve your user experience.

On the Mac side there is no resource problem.