If nothing else, that guy’s going to get really dizzy. An essential part of the repertoire for the Wrestler in All of Us. Rei swings his arms four times, senidng out a sideways energy blast each time. It is taken up to 11 in this case as it’s entirely possible to grab a mook from street level, swing them up to the top of the nearest skyscraper and do it from there. For some reason whenever Charizard gains momentum before dropping the opponent’s Pokemon onto the ground, a globe will always appear. As he lands, his hands slices horizontally to the front, slicing through the opponent’s shoulders. In Kensei Sacred Fist , professional wrestler David sorta has one.

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Spinning Piledriver

He can smack someone over the head to turn them around and give them 4 flipping Sinning Supplexes in a row. If nothing else, that guy’s going to get really dizzy. She can even deliver this move to building sized characters in Tatsunoko vs. Retrieved from ” http: The Astray Red Frame can also do this.

Can also be performed in midair.

Holuto then raises his arm with his middle and forefinger raised. He uses it most memorably against Lizard Mistywith fatal results for his rival. Raw probably has the best version yet, thanks to the new Corner Grapple position in Create-A-Finisher, you can make a top rope Spinning Piledriver.


I Wanna Be the Guy / Funny – TV Tropes

He also borrows the mid-run variant from Galford. Nagase, whose moveset takes a few pages from Hanzo’sonly gets the standard version. It would later be followed by Mike Haggar from Final Fight. In the One Piece anime, Buggy used this as a finishing move on a Blugori.

The user sacrifices his life to spining the enemy in which Rei concentrates all his life force and power on pressing attack on the enemy, leaving him no room to defend himself.

Same with Demitri, whose command throw is an Izuna Drop. The ninja-themed Gundam Spiegel gets the classic Izuna Drop, while Gundam Epyon has an Pilledriver Drop performed while in its flight modewhich is Awesome, but Impractical thanks to the long recovery time afterwards.

In Kensei Sacred Fistprofessional wrestler David sorta has one.

To be able to do this variation of the move, it generally follows a Launcher Movebut it’s not required. It can be done against wheels and tengu, at the very least. This brutal attack will wipe out almost all of an opponent’s health and in the demo theatre, poor Ann is the victim of this special combo. One of the variations of Seiya ‘s Pegasus Rolling Crush technique is this.

Energy pillars erupt in front of him, possibly in the shape of the Nanto Roku Sei constellation. Rei powers up and releases a minute ball of energy in front of him.

Nanto Suicho Ken

It’s because the Japanese spinning of the move is “Earth Throw. King gets one as a Finishing Move of a chain throw in Tekken 5.


This includes spinning piledriving a mook from the top of the Empire State Building all the way to ground level. The game even keeps track of the max number of rotations performed on the stats screen. The Shrike Rune user Kasumi in Suikoden uses this. A rapid slicing attack that destroyed a boulder behind Kenshiro.

Justin Credible ‘s finisher, named “That’s Incredible,” is a spinning belly-to-belly piledriver. In Dragon Ball Z: Damaging, yes, but not awesome enough.

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Apparently, Zangief came up with this move after piledriving a bear in the middle of a hurricane. It is taken up to 11 in this case as it’s entirely possible to grab a mook from street level, swing them up to the top pioedriver the nearest skyscraper and do it from there. It’s the single most damaging attack in the game and works on everything.

As well as the Underworld Drop and the Flower Garland Drop in 2which can be considered as variants. A flying jump kick used by Amibaa Nanto Seiken drop-out.