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Cancelled and replaced by Tigerton. Paxville , a town in Clarendon County, South Carolina. Also the SRHV server system. Pentium II Xeon processor, the first Xeon. Intel E chipset, for workstations and entry-level servers using Pentium 4 processors. High-end server platform based on the Ivy Bridge -EX processor. Planned as part of the Santa Rosa platform, but later dropped.

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Support for IntelĀ® Desktop Board DGUX

Intel SEEP2 two-socket server motherboard. Intel DG41AN desktop motherboard.

Intel SWD1-E server motherboard. Gigabit Ethernet controller accompanying the Lynx Point chipset, expected in the Haswell time frame. Emerald Bay is a bay on the west side of Lake Tahoein California. Intel MSGX workstation motherboard. Itanium 2the fifth-generation Itanium.

Reference unknown; see Coppermine disambiguation for possibilities. Inntel named after Canmore, Alberta. Used in the Barbie PC, among others. Intel EI Ethernet controller. Intel DPBZ desktop motherboard.


Downloads for IntelĀ® Desktop Board DPCM

Retrieved December 17, Intel DP43BF desktop motherboard. Socket 8FX Natoma chipset. Kiefer is Yiddish for ” pine tree ” and a Jewish surname.

Supports the Sandy Bridge -E processor. May be named after a place in Pennsylvania. Reference unknown; see Groveland disambiguation for possibilities. Essentially a Banias -based Celeron M with the L2 cache removed. Retrieved from ” https: Based on the EB Kawela controller chip.

Aladdin character of Arabian Nights. Reference unknown; see Dixon disambiguation for possibilities.

List of Intel codenames

Used with Pentium 4 CPUs. Eight-generation Centrino mobile platform. The musician Frank Zappa. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All but the P have integrated graphics. Kawela D15gha on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. Based on the PM Moab controller chip. Intel and series mobile chipsets, used with Pentium 4 CPUs. Supports one or two Itanium 2 processors.

Reference unknown; see Millington disambiguation for possibilities. Kikayon is the Hebrew name of a plant mentioned in the Biblical Book of Jonah.