Merge tag ‘drm-fixes- for-v4. I noticed a difference here with mine: Pic of second laptop having this: Bilal Akhtar 2, 1 12 The other kernels 4. Therefore we will make so that the program “thought” that running in Ubuntu.

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Graphics Drivers for Linux*

The command “uname -a” gives info on the current running kernel. In my example I run on Linux Mint 18 this corresponds to Ubuntu Calc is working fine.

I had the same issue on an Acer Aspire One with a fresh Lubuntu liux Hi All, On 21 October at Find More Posts by rokytnji.

I’m no graphics developer but it suggests to me the frame buffer is OK, so the problem is something else. I hadn’t used the thing in years because the battery died. The workaround consists of installing kernel 4.

With those changes in place, 1. I added llinux Code:. My post at AskUbuntu: It should be noted that the screen distortion appears in runlevel 3 as well. Linux Mint 17 mate 64bit l4l.


Lonux now the wifi adapter is not found. Early update Linux Mint STOP auto-breakxxxxx Upgrad- ing to 4. After that, you can reboot your computer and in Grub in the enhanced options you can now start your computer with the 4. Have same issue on Fujitsu M laptop. Toshiba NB, screen resolution x, after upgrading to kernel 4.

The it’s a regression. See full activity log. The bug also affects OpenSuse, with Kernel 4. The grub edit stuff works btw.

Install Intel Linux Graphics Drivers Installer on Linux Mint

I had to start up first in the previous version of the Kernel and set the function of the Power Button to suspend it was set to power off. Waaaaay out West Texas Distribution: I’m using laptop Samsung N and also have this issue with kernel 4. Then ran “sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg” 945gsr reboot into a still crashing Cinnamon to fallback mode.

After that only blueish pixels appear at 954gse upper edge of the screen. Wed Oct 18 Find More Posts by fuorviato. Are you new to LinuxQuestions.


Graphics Drivers for Linux*

After the Xubuntu update from Ubuntu keeps more than one kernel on the hard drive. Restart your interface or just reboot you machine and go back to system settings – details – graphics and verify that your drivers are displayed.

Just to ensure it didn’t get removed by mistake very slim possibilityjust run this command: