Do you have the answers that I seek. From there acrobat takes over. Maybe someone here has already solved this problem or maybe someone might have an ECS board with the same Belkin braket I have and they might look inside there case and tell me which way it works for them. If you can provide some of the details of your board and some of the other specifcates above, well like I said before, I’m always willing to listen to someone trying to help out. Which is what I think I’m looking at. Amazingly it still works. Obviously it’s a different mobo and not a Belkin USB port adapter but you may find something here that helps

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I just figured this was the only way to completly discribe the problem in full.

k7vza usb 3 / 4 Port connector – OCWorkbench | AMD ThreadRipper Review | Tech Investments forum

I also ask if this would harm the board or the unit I was going to install on those aux. What are the pin assignments?

I ended up with a burnt board! Feb 28, Messages: One small black ground wire, and one larger black ground wire on one of the Belkin 5 pin connectors and the same two wires on the other Belkin 5 pin connector.

Look at this thread: I got the aux. Both rows are the same, just reversed.

Now that, I do know for sure! Discussion in ‘ Computer Hardware ‘ started by waywardMar 1, No, create an account now.


K7va rest of the or so pages are alittle to deep for what I’m looking for right now. Do’es the wire that you left off ground to the braket or do’es it follow the cableing all the way thur from the usb header to the device it is attached to, like mouse,camera,keyboard ect. So now I know when I’m getting the runaround and decide to see if I could find the information on my own.

If anything, my typing is diffently improving. Are any of the usb header pins marked OC? He says the larger black wire goes on the OC pin 2 and pin 9, then he says no if it’s for over current detect then you would want to put the smaller black ground wire on the OC sub 2 and pin 9 so if there is a over current the smaller wire would pick it up quicker.

Jan 7, Messages: Maybe k7vaa just leave it hangin?

Ecs k7vza drivers download

So I called Belkin tech and they said l7vza could not tell me, that I uusb call the motherboard ueb. Lets try a different appoach under a new thread. Like how many pins on the header and connector. But, it do’es have some useful info. Niether do some Motherboard manufatures or usb cable makers and some computer store techs.

And I found in the knowledgebase at the same web site that this question had been floating around awhile and that one person, not tech support, just another guy from Germany, discribed the OC as being the cable shield and it was the larger black ground wire in his computer case. If there is four header pins and five connector pins, then there would be an extra wire.


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Well, maybe not the same but simular enough. The larger black ground wire ends or grounds to the Belkin bracket shell which in turns grounds to the computer case when it is installed and screwed into place.

Or, maybe I just hook up one ground wire up and leave the other one hangin. And I do know not to cross the wires from one connector to the other. Or maybe there might be someone from a motherboard manufacture or usb cable manufacture who knows the answer to my questions which is which ground wire goes to which pin assinment.

ECS EliteGroup K7VZA Socket a ATX Motherboard MOBO Rev AGP 3 X SDRAM | eBay

Go uusb these pages. Thanks in advance to all who try to help. And that it should be alright since they are just the ground wires and not the voltage wire or the data wires that i’m swicthing. You must log in or sign up to reply here.