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Scanner settings Touch the [3. NetWare Setup] key on [Network setting] screen. Print Server Password Index According to Item Main Menu Display Choose the orientation of the document to be scanned.

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konica scanning

Maximum Message Size The IP address is normally allocafed by the system administrator. Select [File Form default] in [Initial setting] screen. Using the Network Scanner Driver Importing scan data into the computer The scan data sanner on the print controller box is imported to the computer using the application software supporting the TWAIN scanner driver.

Those printers available for printing will be automatically detected and from them the one which best suits your specific needs will be selected. Select [Main menu display] in [Initial setting] screeni for scanner mode.

To ensure optimum printing performance, please store this manual in the space provided at the rear section of the machine for easy reference. The printer functions are set by displaying the printer settings screen. From the top scannner, select FTP Configuration page.


Konica Minolta 7145 Instruction Manual

Disables AppleTalk For the order of the [Network koncia screens, please see [ For print servers on which NetWare is not a primary protocol, be sure to uncheck this box to disable NetWare. Touch the [BOX] on [Select transmission object] screen. Network Error List AirPrint This is a feature in Apple’s operating systems.

Touch the [E-mail] key on [Select transmission object] screen. Page [FTP Regi. For details on character input, refer to [Chapter 3 Inputting Text] Page Password input cannot be omitted.

Network Setup List This explains the settings required when connecting the copier to the network.

User mail address Enter the user ID with the number keys on the control panel. This is the navigation link for moving toward in this page. The factory default is [ dpi].

Resetting The Network Function Scan To E-mail Touch the [Default Gateway] key. E-mail subject is commonly used with the Internet fax function. This User’s Manual includes the instructions necessary for utilizing the full range of functions, as well as safety pre- cautions.


For more information, refer to [Subject and Body] Page Thank you very much for purchasing the Konica Copier. To enable binary division.


Network Information To access the Network Status page, follow these steps: Entry Function Available Selecting a Printer According to Availability You can then confirm whether the selected printers are showing any errors or warnings and how long the queue is. The Network Status page opens. Buttons common to all setting screens When you touch [OK], the results of the operation are applied.