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How do I write to internal flash? If Windows asks about installing new hardware accept the defaults. Additionally, we provide all the software you need to get the most out of your LabJack. Then you can open it in the real Acrobat Reader rather than embedded in a browser. Options For Contacting Us Post in our forums Post a comment in the relevant section of documentation: That would get you 4 independent frequency outputs, plus counters or timers you could use to measure input frequency.

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For more information about the analog inputs see Section 2. Let me say it in spanish: Each analog output can be set to a voltage between about 0 and 5 volts with bits of resolution.

For more information about the analog outputs see Section 2. The U6-Pro has all the features of the normal U6 with the addition of an auxiliary low-speed high-resolution bit sigma-delta ADC. Each amplifier converts a differential input to single-ended.

The U6 has 4 timers and 2 counters, so not enough to do the 8 channels you need. This version only supports analog functions: Product Highlights Analog Inputs: I want to emit a square wave from one labmack output on a U6 under timer control and to labjac its compliment simultaneously on a second digital output.


That driver is U12 only. In addition, the LabJack U6 is covered by a 1-year limited warranty.

U6 Series | LabJack

LabJack can customize the boards to add or remove hardware before shipping for an additional fee. Also, this document is designed as online documentation, so the formatting of an offline version might be less than perfect. Technical Support All LabJacks include lifetime technical support. The U6’s status LED should blink at power up and then stay solid on.

For the outputs, let us know the range of frequency and whether they are square waves or rectangular variable duty cycle. For support, try going to the applicable page and post a comment. Pabjack wait labjck and a dialog labhack will pop up asking you where to save the PDF.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Everything we sell has a day money back guarantee. Perhaps your best solution is to get 4 U3s.

U6 Datasheet | LabJack

However, I cannot find the document about measurement with multi U6 devices. When you are looking for something lajack using the site search. This datasheet covers all U6 variants: Graphical applications for device configuration or basic data collection: Additionally, we provide all the software you need to get the most out of your LabJack.


LJM Modbus Map – Use this tool to discover device features and while developing software to double check register types, names, and functionality. Mechanical Switch Closure 2.

User menu Login Register Cart Contact. Is it possible to measure and Is it possible to measure and generate frequency using the same Labjack U6 at the same time?

Yes, you can do any combination of differential and single-ended. For more information see the U6 Datasheet.

U6 Datasheet

Support resources include forum, FAQs, email, and telephone. What questions then do you have about talking to multiple devices? For more information see the U6 software options page.

Warranty, Liability, Compliance 1. For the full list, see this list of U6 software options.