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But I found it easier to hit than the M1 Until I changed to a fujukura x-shaft. I have a club in my bag that I am comfortable hitting that I can take in yds, I also have one that I can take in yds. For testing, stock shaft v. I can also look at our Strokes Gained numbers and see how significant those difference play out. I’ve had mine for about 2 weeks now and I think it is a very good driver. I understand the argument that 14 yards is an important improvement and means an iron shorter for the second shot.

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At model level when browsing all the sets of a particular model the RRP displayed is for an 8 iron set – usually 3-PW or 4-SW – with steel shafts. It just comes down to if you have this old driver in your bag vs buying a new oneā€¦.

Taylormade has amazing warranty service, within reason.

TaylorMade R7 Superquad Driver

Then suddenly after years they launch something that works. Suffice to say that, as with heads or shafts, if grips are in a very poor mads this will be reflected in the cost. It seems to me after a couple of seasons of full-time use, something is lost. The M1 and M2 performed about the same. Bomb rr7 Gouge works for tour pros because their wedges and putters are money. Hi Tony, Thanks for the reply. How do I know this?


No scratches, sky marks or chips to the paintwork and the face will be in good condition with no heavy wear marks around the sweet spot area. Cost is a factor in what you carry in your bag too.

Performs better than it looks. JDharma 2 years ago. Very Good but cant decide if it’s better than my previous driver Ping which I bought from you and accidently broke the shaft in half by dropping golf bag.

Taylor Made R7 SuperQuad Driver with Regular Graphite ReAX 65 shaft degree loft.

She eventually realised that i HAD to have this golf club. No way as the face marks very easily with pap balls and in a few months will start to look tatty. Some models are suitable for a wide range of abilities and will go,f shaded accordingly.

I found the same thing during testing; getting about yards more with better spin numbers but also tighter dispersion and less yards off-line. The three key variables are ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate.

I keep an r7 quad in the bag, and would probably be superquzd for life if something happened to it. We realize that mistakes do occur.


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Alternatively, phone us during office hours on At lot level when you’re looking at a unique set of irons the RRP may have changed. I hit the Superquad slightly longer [ yards] and consistently straighter.

Scotty 2 years ago.

James T 2 years ago. Certainly interesting to dig a little big deeper. Thank you for the free, factual and unbiased information! Your review title You must enter a title. Ryan 2 years ago. He was passing by the practice ground one day when he saw a fellow competitor with a new club. Just need to put a shaft in knocking about and will see how it fairs up against my Ping G Plus, shafts from ten years ago are not even comparable to aftermarket ones used today. Wait a second, SQ lost sjperquad it launched lower?

If not we will supply a plain cover head cover free of charge.