Software Interface Time-Lapse Movie Gallery – Using our collection of digital time-lapse sequences, we have constructed a user interface that resembles and operates in a manner similar to the QX3 interactive software. The life of LED’s are usually excellent but can be replaced by the user. This is such a versatile feature I’m hoping to explore its potential in more depth and share a video gallery at a later date. Likewise, the most finely tuned research microscope will produce poor images of unsuitable specimens. The microscope body can be removed from the stage for ‘on the fly’ image capture to the extent of the USB cable; 10x is probably the highest practical mag for studies off the stand. Improvements to image quality:

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Trial at improving the QX5 bottom lighting: Intel Play QX3 Microscope. Negatives of this model include: The camera and lights still need a USB connection to operate.

Fun with a QX5 digital microscope, the upgraded QX3. A personal review.

With time lapse, crystal growth video clips are possible, as Brian Darnton has effectively shown with the QX3. The light source is selected from the microscop, but top and bottom lighting can’t be used together. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Thanks also to Digital Blue’s Customer Service Department who were very helpful with microsscope regarding the still image capture size and the ‘sample micoscope tool’. The author sat the microscope on a small micrroscope light box used for viewing 35mm slides and this offered a very even white light and bright enough to be used up to x shown right.


Subscribe to our Newsletter. Leave me a comment in the box below. The microscope could be removed from its base stand allowing it to be used as a hand-held microscope. The captured images at all mags with the light box the author tried are much more pleasing as the light is brighter, even and unstructured, the built in diffuser gives a very coarse background to subjects placed on the stage.

Intel Play line of educational toys from to Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Slight sharpening to correct resize softening. Third party software can acquire x stills via WIA support although the images benefit from being downsampled and post capture processed.

VGA masters resized to x You can still remove the unit from the slide-cradle, but still have to maintain the USB connection in handheld mode. QX5 top lighting supplemented by Russian high intensity microscope lamp.

Digital Blue Microscope – The QX5 and the QX3 from Intel

The QX5 has many clear advantages, keeping Digital Blue microscopes at the forefront of microscopy tools for children and teens. Founded in in Atlanta, Georgia, Digital Blue has received accolades for its innovative products. Your message has been reported qc3 will be reviewed by our staff. The microscope is ca. I have read and accept the privacy policy.


Intel Play

Intel products Mattel s toys Electronics stubs Computing stubs. Works well for top lit subjects at all mags or bottom lit at 10x and 60x. The image functions cannot operate independent of the computer, as it is powered through the USB port. The light box the author used was bright enough for microsckpe polar studies at 10x and 60x.

The QX5 Computer Microscope is a Digital Blue product and upgraded the QX3 with multiple improvements, including a x image capture device and brighter light source. MicroscopeMaster is not liable for your results or any personal issues resulting from performing the experiment. Login or create an account to post a review. The microscope used optical not digital magnification. Crops from masters, unmodified apart from bringing tonal balances comparable.

Not only will children be able to explore the world of microscopy, they will be able to capture and manipulate images and video. This improved interface allows visitors to experience the “look and feel” of the QX3 microscope software.

Their side by side image captures show the dramatic improvement in quality when the bottom light is upgraded.