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Software package can assign and automatically increment the serial number, model type and revision. Sending debug information from msp to ccs console. Ok, i know this must have been covered a billion times so far. The mspfetuif is a powerful flash emulation tool to quickly begin application development on the msp mcu. The difference between prog and load is that to my recollection load doesn’t overwrite all of the memory. BTW, running it as root sudo crashes faster.

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Whichever works for you.

I have accidently updated the firmware on my msp fetuif when using code composer and i must revert to a previous version which is compatible with earlier versions of iar. The msp fetuif is a powerful flash emulation tool to quickly begin application development on the msp mcu. Thanks, –John Come build with us! On Thu, Oct 29, at They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.


On Fri, Oct 23, at msp-fet4330uif Msp fetuif and mspdebug thanks valentin for the encouragement. Msphtprimer msphtprimer is an open source, webbased highthroughput and genomewide primer design pipeline for. I added the debug option and it worked after a couple tries.

Arbitrary Blog Execution: Ubuntu My Experience with MSPDEBUG and MSP-FETUIF

Stephen, nicely set up package. Serial number with or without an automatically inserted current date can be stored in flash memory in hex, bcd or ascii format.

They state that this is necessary for FET firmware 2. Msp flasher is an opensource, shellbased interface for programming msp microcontrollers mcus and simplelink msp mcus through a msp liunx stack and provides the most common functions on the command line. Join us from November 9 – 12, I have also tried with linux compiled latest libmsp Sign up for a new account in our community. I tried with -jand did not work too.

Incidentally, I just tried again with the latest Ubuntu 8. Posted September 28, Which Msp-fet430uic kit do you have? Sign up using Facebook. Yes, I think this will need to be rebuilt every time the kernel changes. Stephen, Thanks, this was very helpful.


It consists of a dynamic link library as well as embedded firmware that runs on the mspfetuif or the ez emulators. nsp-fet430uif

msp-fet430jif It is the bridging element between all pc software and all msp microcontroller derivatives and handles tasks such as code download, stepping through. Bus Device Discussions involving Arduino, plug computers and other micro-controller like devices are also welcome.

MSP-FET430UIF on linux

I generally use prog unless load fails e. I finally directly edited it.

Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. Expert points larissa swanland we are using mspfet uif device to program our msp motes.

Even if the driver that came with your kernel does work, you will still need a udev rule to select the proper configuration. BB code is On. Thank you Mark Evans. MSP gcc – Users.